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International Published Travelling Fine Arts & Documentary Photographer and Cinematographer from Washington State.

2017 Ranked #2 of 229 for Best Wedding Photographer

2017 Ranked #2 of 128 for Best Portrait Photography

60 Publications in 2017 alone




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    "a freelance press photographer"

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  1. a person who oversees or directs photography and camerawork in movie-making, especially one who operates the camera as a Job.

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My name is Tracy Yun, I'm a Cinematographer and Photographer originally  from Germany, EU.  MARY JANE PHOTOART started after a series I started in 2012 ago featuring Women in their purest forms celebrating their bodies and use of Cannabis as these were all Patients with Disabilities in all forms in Washington State. My work back then went Viral within the Cannabis Community world wide online and by 2014, I had Women and Men from all over the U. S. contacting me for my services. However, I have been behind the Camera going from Film to DSLR since 2007. I expanded eventually 2016 into a Business in the beautiful State of Washington offering my services to the Public. I create Artistic & Unique Personalized Imagery in form of Digital and Printed Artwork. By 2017 I started to Travel outside of Washington and the U.S. for international Bookings. 

I had my first steps into the Photography world about 10 years ago as an Assistant & Artist exploring every Genre that the beautiful world of Photography Art has to offer in Europe. I found my Passion in the Fine Arts aspect of Photography. My Genre would fall in the Unique Fine Arts and Documentary genres. I create Full built Sets, Costumes, Headdresses and more for my Sessions and truly go above and beyond to achieve the most out of every single Session. In 2016 I was ranked 3rd Place for Best of Nisqually. In 2017 I've been placed 2nd Place for both Best Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Washington State Seattle A List City Voter and published by the end of 2017 over 35+ times in Print Magazines including Magazines sold in stores and Online Publications. 

In order to complete my work to perfection, I always prefer doing in person consults so that way not only my Clients get a feel for me, my work and my personality but this as well allows me to get to know you and your story. The Story we will be capturing on Camera. It allows me to create a certain style and direction to go with when taking your images to bring the most out of the images. It as well allows us to grow an awesome Photographer-Client relationship that helps us work together to bring the most out of the results we are striving for. 


Tracy A. Yun

Owner and Artist behind Mary Jane PhotoArt


Images by Pamela Obenchain Photography, Puyallup WA



I want to touch on the subject why I absolutely encourage you to have your images taken by a professional at least once in your
lifetime. Often times I'm asked by my clients why I highly encourage people to take that step in hiring a professional to take their photo and to be honest there are many reasons as to why it's super important to do it at least once in your life. 

First and foremost, life is short. You never know when your last day will be. These images you take may be the last moments for a loved one
you leave behind to relieve you and your spirit. Whether this is your spouse, parent or even kids. Someday you won't be here anymore and sometimes
an image can give a loved one a form of comfort.

And this point is going to start off with the previous point, again life is really short. and we all know how fast time flies by, especially how fast age tends to catch up with us. Especially for us Women, this is such a critical point in our life. When doing Boudoir majority of my clients
are in their late 40s and up who finally found peace and confidence with themselves and their bodies. But every time I deliver to these very women
their galleries I hear the same sentence over and over again: I wish I had done this 10-15 years ago. 
Ladies, please don't wait 10-15 years. Please don't let you have a baby take away from your celebrating you and your body. Please don't think you are not worthy because you are. You are very worthy. And what's even more worthy is truly celebrating yourself and your body and what it has done
for you. Do not think those extra 25 lbs are not worthy of celebrating. Please don't think that those stretch marks are not worth celebrating. Please
don't think your Acne is not worthy. Please don't think your hair loss is not worthy. Or the Scars. Or the Tattoos you got when you were 16. Or the whatever the hell it is you think makes you not worthy. You are amazing for being you. You deserve to celebrate yourself. You deserve to be you.
Your body deserves to be celebrated as well as your life. Never once think you are not worthy.

Now if you're looking to have your kid's photos done I totally encourage you to do at least FIVE TIMES in their life to have their images taken. Kids grow up so so fast. Their childhood is so so short. And it's always good to have at least some high-quality images of you and your kids and an honest session
that shows nothing but the honest love you and your kids share. Again because like I mentioned in my first point, life is short, you never know what may happen to you but even less do you know what will become of your kids. Having images for them to hold onto you at some point in their life to look
back on it precious, but what's even more precious is that child being able to share these with their kids and so on. No matter the age or time in yours/their life it is a priceless memory that deserves to be held on to for beyond a lifetime.

Weddings are a very special day in your life that literally only happens for one day. Why not capture those not only in a high quality and professional matter but in a very tasteful and artistic way. Having a professional bringing out the true feelings in your images of your special day is worth so so so much
more than pixelated and unwelcoming Cellphone images. And while we are on the topic of Cellphones, let's keep it real for a moment. Nobody wants during their
special ceremony a huge group of people getting in the way of other people during your ceremony to try to attempt to capture the "right" angle with their
cell phone. In fact Ladies and Gent's, if we are really honest, you spent already enough money on the wedding, the last thing you need is people to be busy
on their cell phones when in fact you guys should have all the focus. After all, it is YOUR lucky day, right? I really strongly encourage my clients to include in
their wedding invites that cell phones must be turned off during the day to not interrupt anything in any shape or form. And let's be honest again, you are hiring
a professional for a reason. You are hiring them to depict you and your soon to be spouse including your magical day in a tasteful fashion. And when doing so we all know there is no time to worry about the double chin, half closed eyes or Grandma looking away in cell phone photos. Having a Professional team pull off your
wedding cinematography and photography is worth every cent in the book especially when you know you are walking away with breathtaking professional high-quality
imagery and film handled with love care, taste and Priority. 

Maternity images are really really special and to be honest, pregnancy is such a short time in your life that has the biggest of all impacts on you, your mind and your life. And not only that, it is truly an amazing way to celebrate your amazing body and what it is capable of. You are growing a human ( or a few humans)
in you, growing and nurturing that being with love, patience, and peace. The time flies by and before you know it that baby is being born. Why not celebrate your
bodies accomplishment and what amazing work it has done. Even more powerful than that is having that very birth photographed and captured. You baby (or babies) grand
entry into the world. Your bodies hard work after months and months of growing. The pain, the tears, the sweat and the pain. All in a very tasteful fashion captured as a photograph. For you to always look back on and remember. Nothing speaks more words than those first moments captured as an image of the first time holding your
child. Moments you would never know what they looked from the outside. An expression in your face you would have never been able to have seen before hand. A truly priceless moment.

Senior photos. Oh man, there goes your kid. He /she is growing up so so fast. Before you know it they are off to go live their own life. What a beautiful way to
say goodbye to childhood and welcome adulthood with an artistic Photo Session. Whether Female or Male this is a very important time in their life. This gives the kids
for the first time a way to truly really express themselves and be who they truly feel they really are. This can be simple or in a complex form of the session, but it's truly
up to what the teenager feels to express. It's a beautiful way for the parents as well for the first time to see their child in a grown up light for the first time.
As a parent, I know how insane it feels and to see the results of someone else's eye for the kids and their personalities. So imagine how that is for a young
aspiring adult having their image was taken that will be remembered as their last photos of childhood. It's a beautiful way to celebrate and to also build the confidence of that very young person. 




Client Reviews:

Tracy is insanely talented, and not only behind the lens. During our shoot, I wore a lace gown, harness, and belt that were all made by Tracy. It was such an awesome, magical vibe! Can’t wait for the next time!
— Jessica Gray
Tracy is such an amazing kind hearted person ,you can tell the love she has for photography because it portrays through her attitude with people (making us feel comfortable & at home) and through her work! My son absolutely loved her and even ended up being comfortable enough to sit on her , which doesn’t happen often with him. She was extremely kind and worked around him being all over the place. I’m looking forward to looking at the finished product although I have no doubt in my mind they’ll be amazing. We will definitely come to her for future pictures! Thank you again for the billionth time Tracy!
— Fabiola Monge
I had my first shoot with Tracy and it was a Christmas mini! It was mostly for my son but we did one family picture as well. I seriously enjoyed working with her, she was so outgoing and fun to be around and easy to talk to. She worked so well with my son and his pictures came out gorgeous! I love her artistic style and vision she has during her shoots and I 100% plan on shooting with her again! Thank you again!
— Molly Ann Carey
Mary Jane PhotoArt was amazing. Made me feel super comfortable during my boudoir session. She was super sweet. She also did family pictures and my boys loved her. Will go no where else.
— Devin Lee Morris
Family friendly, positive atmosphere. I enjoyed my outdoor shoot with my daughter never had a photographer willing to go the distance outside.
— Alejandro Bouleware
First time working with Tracy and already excited for the next time. We worked so well together and had all the same ideas. The final images turned out to be pure magic.
— Jayde Rankin
Tracy from Mary Jane PhotoArt is not only an amazing photographer, she is also one of the most creative individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. As the Model/Talent Manager for CDM Model & Talent, I have had the pleasure of watching her in action. She has worked with a number of CDM models. Each time she has come up with new and inventive shoots. In addition, she tends to treat each shoot as if it is her most important and she makes her subjects feel important and valued. Weather you are looking to have family images done, are expecting a new addition to the family and want to capture the moment on print, or are looking to expand your portfolio; I would highly recommend Tracy and Mary Jane PhotoArt.
— Dave Morey, Owner of CDM Model and Talent Agency